Multicap has an exelent knowledge in VoWLAN (Voice over Wireless LAN), wich is the same as Voice-over-Wi-Fi. For years now Multicap specializes in helping the client with setting up the network and integrating the Voice-over-Wi-Fi-devices. 


Before you can set up a Voice-over-Wi-Fi communication network, you will need a server that qualifice for your specific needs and has the needed capacity. Multicap can help and advice you in making this decision. 


Cable 2


Wi Fi 2

Voice-Over-Wi-Fi devices

Chosing the right device is a second step in the process of setting up your Voice-over-Wi-Fi network. Make sure that you chose a device that you can instal according your needs and demands. Also with this decision Multicap can help and advice you. 

The combiened knowledge of Multicap and Spectralink will be a guaranteed business succes. For more information about Spectralink click on the pictore below: