Since 1994, Multicap has specialised in wireless networks. Your data always and everywhere available, that is what we do. As a distributor of all required solutions for Wi-Fi, point-to-point, 3G/4G mobile data networks and satellite connections, we work closely together with resellers and system integrators. We are active globally with Belgium and the Netherlands as the home markets.  

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You have undoubtedly already surfed on one of our wireless networks or used our point-to-point connection at a train station, festival site, a school, hospital or some other place.

Our wireless solutions can be found everywhere, it is just that you will not notice them immediately.

Advice for our resellers and integrators

We supply the required specialised solutions as a distributor.

Our IT-engineers support resellers and system integrators with the required technical consultancy services and support during every moment of the project.

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Engineering for the end user

In addition, we perform engineering and consultancy jobs at the instructions of the end user through, for example, site surveys and path engineering. This is how we produce customised solutions for wireless networks up to the minutest detail. Our great strength resides mainly on the surface with regard to complex projects for which standard solutions do not apply.

Projects with track and trace

A new related activity grew from our knowledge of wireless data communication: customised projects related to tracing & localisation.
We even go the extra mile and do not simply offer Track & Trace solutions under the banner of Wireless Human & Asset Management (WHAM).

We do implement the elaborated solutions in practice within this context. The possible applications are endless and are positioned in innumerable sectors and domains: nursing institutions, security, transport, service companies, public security services, etc.  

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Since 1994, Multicap has specialised as a distributor of high-end wireless solutions.

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