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Professional Services

As a Value Added Distributor of wireless solutions in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, we focus on knowledge. We offer this know-how and many years of experience in all types of forms. A few examples are: troubleshooting, optimising and analysing the performance of your wireless network, Wi-Fi site survey, spectrum analysis and path engineering for wireless links.  Also when you do not purchase or have not purchased the products from us. In addition, you can ask for our technical and commercial expertise to guarantee your success during the sales process.

Wireless Solutions

Since 1994, we aim to distribute the best wireless solutions. We can offer not just Wi-Fi solutions in this way, but also dedicated point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, 2G/3G/4G solutions and satellite or laser connections. We also supply the required software (site survey, spectrum analysis, etc.) to install these solutions as professionally as possible.

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Tracing & localisation management

The tracing of people and products has many facets. Ranging from the optimisation of followed routes or the maintenance policy to measure specific parameters such as load, temperature and running hours. Thanks to our customised solutions nothing is impossible!

We offer solutions over Wi-Fi, mobile networks, GPS, BLE and all possible combinations.

Security & networking

Security and wireless networks go hand-in-hand. Our range provides both end point security and full network security. This last item through standard firewall solutions, VPN and a Wireless Intrusion Prevention solution.

The basis for your wireless network is such a designed cable network. You can also come to us for a range of switches and routers within everybody's budget.

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Communication & alarming

Ensure that all your alarms (fire, nurse call, front door bell, burglar alarms, server down, alarm button, wandering detection, performance lower than specified, etc.) reach you and your available employees. Both during day and night, internally and externally and without unnecessarily inconveniencing passive people. We will ensure that every alarm is noticed and answered.


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