Multicap Fortinet Meru Wifi Certified

Did you know that all professional Wi-Fi solutions need to be certified? Multicap is placing the Wi-Fi certifications of the Meru products on its website so you as partner and your customers can easily obtain them.

Remember also that the Meru solution is also selected to be part of the test devices for the "Wi-Fi Video & Voice quality certification programs".

Visit the Fortinet Meru page on our website to obtain the certifications or contact our team to obtain more information!

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ is an internationally-recognized seal of approval for products indicating that they have met industry-agreed standards for interoperability, security, and a range of application specific protocols.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products have undergone rigorous testing by one of our independent Authorized Test Laboratories. When a product successfully passes testing, the manufacturer or vendor is granted the right to use the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo. Certification means that a product has been tested in numerous configurations with a diverse sampling of other devices to validate interoperability with other Wi-Fi CERTIFIED equipment operating in the same frequency band.

Certification is available for a wide range of consumer, enterprise, and operator-specific products, including smartphones, appliances, computers and peripherals, networking infrastructure, and consumer electronics. At retail, the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo gives consumers confidence that a product will deliver a good user experience and meet industry standards. Service providers and enterprise IT managers specify Wi-Fi CERTIFIED to reduce support costs and ensure a product has met industry-agreed requirements.