Hotel Jansen Mojo Network 2 3

Hotel Jansen is a brand-new and ultra-modern short stay hotel in Amsterdam for students, trainees and young professionals. The hotel contains 166 rooms divided over 6 floors. A good working and reliable wireless network was crucial to accommodate all these residents since there would be no internet access through a cabled connection in the rooms. Besides this, the Wi-Fi needed to be capable of handling gigabytes (+500 GB daily) of all kinds of traffic and devices, be easy to manage and make remote troubleshooting fast and easy in case a resident would be having issues. These are just some of the reasons why Hotel Jansen chose Mojo Networks with Cloud Connect as their IT integrator.

Mojo Networks exceeded all expectations with their cutting-edge cloud-managed enterprise Wi-Fi. They even topped it off with their Social Wi-Fi hotspot solution so the students and residents could connect to the Wi-Fi using one of their favorite social media accounts as authentication method.

More about Mojo Networks and Cloud Connect:

Mojo Networks is leading the way in cloud-managed enterprise Wi-Fi. Mojo's cloud Wi-Fi platform is multitenant, massively scalable, easy to deploy and intuitive to manage while also enabling advanced features like graphical troubleshooting, Wi-Fi user analytics and social engagement. Above all, they continue to advance their widely acknowledged industry-leading security capabilities.

Cloud Connect is an IT reseller with a lot of experience in complex Wi-Fi deployments and network design. They led the whole project to a good end.