We have all high-end products in-house to expand a wireless network (WLAN) at every imaginable location by using Wi-Fi or other technologies. Wireless hotspots, access points, network managing software, etc. Our product range includes all specialised solutions for a high-performance and reliable wireless data and voice network with full coverage and sufficient capacity.  

We have already implemented countless of wireless networks (Wi-Fi) at hospitals and school campuses, in council buildings and other public buildings, education institutions, industrial estates, office buildings, stations, hotels, festival sites, temporary events, etc. in close partnership with our resellers and system integrators.

As the distributor of the wireless solutions, we support our resellers and integrators with specialised advice and we will carry out the required network design upon request. We are in close relationship with our vendors and our engineers are trained in all products.

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Customised wireless Wi-Fi networks

High-performance wireless Wi-Fi networks are built as customisations based on a thorough requirement analysis and an assessment of the situation on site.

  • Why do you want a wireless network?

  • What is the required bandwidth to achieve the required data speeds?

  • Which security does your wireless network need?

  • Can the wireless Wi-Fi network be accessed free of charge by visitors or must they pay?

  • Which obstacles could possibly be in the way of the wireless communication and what are the solutions?

  • Where must which access points be implemented to guarantee full coverage and sufficient capacity? 

We translate all these elements into a site survey to produce a full technical design.

Multicap has a broad portfolio of Wi-Fi equipment. We can always offer a suitable solution with the brands we carry as shown below. Click one of the brands below to obtain more information about the specific benefits of each solution.