The specialised Sarens cranes are hired and deployed worldwide. Up until now, the company did not have an online method of monitoring the exact location or the amount of time they were effectively used.

Multicap developed an integrated customised total solution, which Sarens later named “Globetracking”. Multicap supplied both the suitable registration device and the central management software for monitoring its tools and the management of the system.

It did not, however, stay restricted to one type of registration device for the cranes. In the meantime, Sarens became aware of the system options and the increased visibility of its physical resources. The installation is still growing and additional registration devices were supplied for the additional monitoring of trucks, vans, service vehicles, generators and physical resources that do not work based on electricity such as lifting baskets, diesel tanks, etc.


The registration systems of which several types are being used record their data depending on triggers (distance, time, inputs, statuses, power supply voltage, etc.) and forward this to the central platform linked to the location and time based on GPS on the basis of GPRS communication with SMS as backup.
The greatest challenge was (in 2007) to have the entire system work globally and in real time in such a way that the most up-to-date information is displayed on the central platform within 5 seconds. Sarens, after all, operates globally over different time zones.

All types of connections, moreover, were provided to have the data that is collected by the system deployed in a valuable manner in the specific business processes of Sarens.

The system is still growing by making new parameters visible each time such as, for example wind speed and fuel consumption and, subsequently, interpreting recorded big data and converting it into management data.

Which products did Multicap use?

  • ABtrack high-end track & trace platforms with custom software (ABT30/ABT40/ABT21).
  • Central platform – customised software – Linux & Java technology – web-based GUI
  • GPRS communication & GPS location determination

Who is the customer?

  • Company name: Sarens
  • Activities: Heavy lifting, engineered transport
  • Country: Worldwide

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