Multicap offers all high-end equipment and knowledge to guarantee reliable data communication through existing mobile networks. This is specifically about 3G/4G routers, escalation software, modems, mobile PC cards, control units, etc. The possible applications are infinite.  

Wireless data communication through existing cellular/mobile networks - for example, 3G and 4G - represents a perfect solution for mobile or temporary applications. Examples include temporary offices, the connection with substations, remote measuring and monitoring, etc.

Our solutions provide secure wireless connections with a high bandwidth for all possible sites and devices at large distances. These connections can, on the one hand, serve as a main connection or, on the other hand, as a backup for existing cables or point-to-point.

Multicap provides all required equipment to resellers and system integrators to implement their projects. They can always count on the best advice.


We provide the required consultancy

We will also take charge of the required consultancy for a project if required. When this is the case, we elaborate a full technical proposal with a customised solution.   

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We search and find the right solution for you with the following brands: