We are a distributor of high-end solutions for wireless networks. With in-depth know-how and many years of experience in wireless networks. And we make our knowledge available for worldwide engineering and consultancy jobs.

We will elaborate a technical plan with the right solutions fully customised based on your requirements and preferences. Our resellers or system integrators with whom we work with closely will be in charge of implementation. Multicap forms the first consultancy point in your project in many cases.

You can come to Multicap with all types of questions related to wireless networks. Do you have a problem for which you seek a solution through wireless data communication? Or do you already know the type of wireless network you want?

Multicap can take charge of the full engineering including field work to give technical answers to all your question. This will result in a fully elaborated technical plan that is ready for implementation.

Site Survey for Wi-Fi-networks

For the implementation of wireless networks (Wi-Fi), we will carry out a full site survey. This will include:

  • A requirement analysis that determines which bandwidths you need on the wireless network. This will depend on the contemplated applications for the wireless network. Do you also want wireless voice-over-IP or to send images wirelessly?

  • A full survey on site will determine which wireless technology fits best.

  • A survey regarding the best location for the access points so that full coverage and the required performance can be guaranteed at every location.

  • All required measurements using the latest hardware and software to ensure the correct predictions are made. We use a spectrum analyser, different antenna types, software for coverage calculations and much more during the access point site survey.

Telecommunication mast

Path engineering for Point-to-Point

Path engineering is required before point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connections can be installed. We will work out the full technical solution through path engineering. This includes:

  • Taking photos, making height measurements, recording coordinates, etc. to determine which obstacles could possibly make a terrestrial transmission difficult between two contemplated points. We deploy the latest hardware and software to achieve this.

  • Searching for solutions through antennas or relay stations if there is no direct line of sight (LoS) or if hampering reflections occur.

  • Deciding whether there will be potential obstacles in the future: growing trees, new buildings, etc.

Consultancy jobs for mobile networks or satellite connections

We perform the full engineering to achieve stable data communication through mobile networks such as 3G and 4G or through satellite connections.

Our experienced engineers will provide clear technical reports with a selection of the right products and components. Based on these reports, our resellers and system integrators can start immediately.

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Is there an engineering or consultancy requirement for reliable and fast wireless networks?

Multicap carries out site surveys worldwide for wireless Wi-Fi-networks, path engineering for point-to-point connections or engineering for wireless data communication.

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